Announcing “The Dharma of Diet,” a 4-week e-Course with meditation instructor Susan Piver and me!

I am so excited to announce a new 4-week e-course in collaboration with meditation instructor, New York Times bestselling author, and wondrous being, Susan Piver, starting September 16th.

This course came about as the result of a conversation (or several conversations) between Susan and myself about all the craziness, confusion, and paranoia that surrounds eating. And how that really takes away from our enjoyment of this daily practice!

In “The Dharma of Diet,” we will learn about the important link between the daily practices of meditation and eating and how to rediscover pleasure and purpose in your relationship with food and your body.

Details below. Let me know if you have any questions. And I hope to “see” you there!


Week One: Relax

Introduction to mindfulness meditation
Mindfulness meditation instruction
Recovering familiarity with hunger
External vs. internal drivers to eat (including food anxiety/paranoia)
The push to eat ‘clean’ and how to discriminate between good sense and magical eating

Week Two: See Where You Are

Working with emotions mindfully
Getting to know various forms of hunger, including non-physical hunger and how to feed it
Noticing the hunger of your heart and how it impacts your relationship to food
Cultivating loving kindness toward yourself

Week Three: Be Where You Are

Establishing confidence: 5 steps to take
Recognizing satisfaction and satiety
Recovering an unhurried, sense-based relationship to food.
Meeting the threat of deprivation with loving kindness

Week Four: Eat to Love

Meditation in motion: bringing the mind of meditation into your life
Body acceptance and respect
Embracing our humanness
Where to go for further support

Program Dates:
Four Tuesdays: September 16, 23, 30, and October 7

7:30p – 9:00p ET

Space is limited to 50 participants
Registration begins: August 15th

Cost: $108 USD
No cancellations


For more information, including FAQs and Susan’s bio, click HERE.

Or, to sign up directly, click HERE.