How Meditation Can Help Heal Our Relationship with Food (2.0)

A while back I wrote a post about how meditation can help heal our relationship with food. In it I share a few of the many ways in which this daily practice supports our daily practice of eating, namely:

  1. By fostering a strong connection with the body
  2. By slowing things down and creating space
  3. By helping us to see (and therefore deal with) things as they are
  4. By allowing us to tolerate discomfort

Beginning on September 16th, Susan Piver and I will be taking a deeper dive into the daily practices of eating and meditation in a new 4-week e-Course called The Dharma of Diet. For more information and to register, check out this link on Susan’s website.

Also check out this brief interview between Susan and me to get a glimpse of what we’ll be discussing during the program:

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  1. Just watched this short video of you and Susan. This sounds like an awesome class. I thought I was on your email list or whatever to receive Eat2Love notices,,articles etc. But I guess I’m not? How can I get on your list? I love your articles, Jenna. And you look absolutely radiant!

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