What are you unconsciously consuming and how can you get back in balance? (And I’m not talking about food)

A while back, I posted a four-point approach used by a client to turn down the “noise” of dieting. You’ll notice her first point was to choose NOT to consume, that is dieting and body-critical information from books, magazines, Pins, Instagram accounts, Facebook pages, and tweets. But inevitably some of these things get through, which brings us to point #2: being skeptical of what does get through. Read more about her brilliant approach here.

It’s important to recognize what we choose to consume but even the messages we don’t engage with intentionally have an effect on us. One way to rebalance the crazy-making diet propaganda is to passively consume more of the positive messages we want to reinforce: messages that are body-positive and that prioritize wellness over weight.

Thanks to the people who have been doing this important research, writing, and activism over the last several years – people like Evelyn Tribole, Elyse Resch, Linda Bacon, Isabel Foxen Duke, Erika Mather, and Ragen Chastain – there is more of this good stuff to consume.

I aim to keep the Eat to Love Facebook page stocked with stories and information consistent with these positive messages. If you don’t already follow it, have a look and follow the page if you would like more of the same.

Also for your consideration are some of the resources that will help rebalance the crazy in your inboxes, Facebook and twitter feeds, and other sneaky visual venues:


1. The Intuitive Eating community page (PS. We are having our second free Chat with an Intuitive Eating Pro call Wed. 7/8 @ 8 pm. Details here)

2. Dances with Fat by Ragen Chastain

3. Isabel Foxen Duke’s website

4. Erica Mather’s website

5. The Health at Every Size community page


Please feel free to add your personal favorite sites, streams, and personalities here in the comments or by hitting reply.