My New Book: ‘Eat to Love’ – Looking for 100 Early Readers

To my beloved Eat to Love Community:

First off, I want to thank you for being part of this group and for committing to (or at least being curious about) transforming your relationship with food and body in ways that are sane, compassionate, and sustainable. The world needs the real you – the person who is not limited by feelings of inadequacy or the need to change according to an oppressive and money-hungry diet culture, the person who genuinely shows up in the world, for others and for herself!

I want to let you know what I’ve been working on for all of us.

I’ve spent the last year (ok, honestly the last five years) writing the book I was born to write: Eat to Love: A Mindful Guide to Transforming Your Relationship with Food, Body, and Life. This book has everything I’ve learned from my own personal journey with food, body, and meditation and my 20-year professional path as a dietitian and nutrition therapist. It combines these experiences with timeless Buddhist wisdom that has to my knowledge never before been applied to the topics of eating and body image. And it comes out on January 15, 2019!

I want to give you a special sneak peek into the book so I’m including the introduction here. Please don’t share it around. It is just for our private group.

Eat to Love, the book, came to me five years ago as I transformed my own life and began my non-diet nutrition therapy practice in Manhattan. I left a six-figure-paying job I hated to leap into the unknown based on a hunch that what I had experienced in letting go of addictions, insanely disordered eating, and body hatred and becoming more authentically myself through a simple meditation practice could potentially change everything.

Since I started meditating and studying Buddhist philosophy, I’ve been mildly obsessed with a teaching known as the Six Paramitas. The Six Paramitas are a framework for how to work with others, but in my experience – particularly around food and body – they can be skillfully used first to work with ourselves as a beloved other. The Six Paramitas include:

1. Generosity – meeting our own basic needs for food, water, rest, comfort, pleasure, and intimacy through connecting with the brilliantly pure perception of the senses, and shifting our allegiance from external forces telling us what, when, and how much to eat to internal sensations

2. Discipline – constantly coming back to the present moment – body, heart, and mind – and deciphering what is needed so that you can take actions that are precise and flexible

3. Patience – allowing your path to unfold at its own pace, while working compassionately with obstacles as they arise

4. Exertion – continually infusing a sense of energy and motivation into this long-term view so that each day, each meal and snack, and indeed each bite is experienced as spacious and fresh

5. Meditation – training your mind to allow, feel, and stay with your true experience through the full spectrum of emotional and physical states

6. Wisdom – deciding whether and how to re-incorporate nutrition science into the care and feeding of your body

Eat to Love will be the second book released by an exciting new independent publisher called Lionheart Press (the first was The Four Noble Truths of Love by my friend Susan Piver). Lionheart Press prioritizes Buddhist wisdom and women’s voices so it was a natural fit for this radical and feminist guide. There is no giant marketing machine behind this publisher trying to sell to you based on your pain points. We are relying on word of mouth recommendations from people who have been genuinely touched by the writing and the application of these practices in their real – messy, magical, imperfect – lives.

Right now, Lionheart and I are working hard to set this book up to be of the greatest value for you. We are creating special bonuses, gatherings, expanded content, and other ways for our community to enter deep dialog about and radical application of this topic.

Here’s where you come in. I’m looking for 100 people to read the book before it is published and then post an honest review on Amazon on the publication date, January 15, 2019. Please send an email to my wonderful and magical assistant with the subject line “Eat to Love” to receive a pdf of the book and to be added to a list to receive special announcements!

We have only one body. It is with us from the moment of our birth to the moment of our death. Caring for it and using it as an instrument of love is a big deal. That kind of love has the potential to change the world.

More love is on the way!

Love, Jenna