Eat to Love Values Mandala Practice

This next worksheet is still a work in progress but I’m sharing it nonetheless. The Eat to Love values mandala practice invites you to take a more expansive look at your self, your body, your actions, and your life. Sometimes when we focus on the narrow slice of our experience that is our physical bodies, we lose sight of the many and varied elements that make us unique and inherently worthy.

First answer the questions about how you feel when you treat your body as an instrument of your life as opposed to an object to be perfected. Then explore the many different parts of your life and your values that make you YOU!

Once you’ve done that, get our your colored pencils and start filling in the mandala with colors that represent these different parts and values. Perhaps blue is your spirituality or your deep sensitivity to others and to the world. Perhaps pink could be your fun and flirty side that loves to sing in the shower. Orange might be the work you do and what keeps you engaged. Red might be your sexual self, the part of you that you continue to work to understand and honor. Color in the mandala with all the different parts of yourself and then stand back and appreciate your brilliance and vibrancy.

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