Use this worksheet to frame your day-to-day process on the intuitive eating path

This slogan, Practice the five strengths, the condensed heart instruction, contains everything you need to frame your day-to-day intuitive eating path. The five strengths are:

  1. Strong determination
  2. Familiarization
  3. Seed of virtue
  4. Reproach
  5. Aspiration

Strong determination: You begin by setting an intention and then check in at the end of the day to identify what made it more or less possible to maintain that intention. Revise your intention as your understanding of your path deepens.

Familiarization: Next you take the time to become familiar with your mind, your speech, your actions and recognizing the cycle they form. When we understand our patterns, we have the choice to change them.

Seed of virtue: Third, you identify even the tiniest thoughts, words, and actions that can interrupt your magical eating cycle, disrupt diet culture’s hold on your mind and body, and align thoughts and words and actions with true self care, whatever that means in the moment.

Reproach: Fourth, you continue to identify and reject diet culture in ever subtle ways because as you have become more aware, diet culture and its devotees remain entrenched.

Aspiration: Finally you dedicate the merit of your efforts to all of us who struggle in these ways. We may never know how this benefits others but it doesn’t matter.

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