The intuitive eating movement is growing – I share one small example of how we are moving into the mainstream

Hi there:

Last week I did something totally new for me: a live interview. The Daily Burn is an online fitness community that streams live workouts daily and offers other resources and inspiration including interviews with people like me!

JD, the host, and I spoke about diet culture, why focusing on weight loss is exactly the wrong way to go about caring for our bodies, and how to deal with the overwhelming majority of people still trapped in this cycle while others of us try to break it.

I saw this interview as groundbreaking because it is another example of what has been a counterculture (or counter-diet-culture) approach to being in our bodies – that is Intuitive Eating – being brought into the mainstream by normalizing it, talking about how to actually apply it in our lives, and acknowledging the flaws in the current paradigm.

Behind the scenes, this segment came into being because of the efforts of a single person who influenced those around her. We all have this capacity – if and when we are ready to start using it – and it is beyond powerful.

Hope you enjoy the interview and let’s keep going. We are in this together!!!
With much love and great respect,