Our 8th Meditation Instructor Training Starts September 19th – Will you join us?

Whether you work with others and would like to share meditation with them, or you would like to deepen your own practice, I would love for you to join me for this one-of-a-kind 9-week online program. It is specifically designed for those who want to offer meditation instruction to individuals and small groups as part of their profession, but also serves to help you create and maintain your own personal practice. This course was created by my friend and meditation teacher, Susan Piver, and me, and is now in its 8th iteration!!!!⁣

What sets this training apart:⁣

? Live online training

? Taught by thoroughly trained meditators with a combined 30 years of experience⁣

? Unapologetically spiritual. Meditation is not presented as self-improvement but as a means to access wisdom, compassion, and confidence⁣

? Curriculum is rooted in Buddhist wisdom⁣

? Crafted specifically for those who want to offer meditation instruction as part of their profession as yoga teachers, coaches, dietitians, therapists, etc.

? Each student will meet for a one-to-one consultation with Susan or Jenna⁣

Once the program is completed, you are not left on your own! There is an active alumni group that meets once a week for ongoing support.⁣

Apply here before August 28th and save $200!

With much love and great respect,