Intuitive Eating Myth #4: It lets you eat whatever you want whenever you want it.

The fourth myth about Intuitive Eating is perhaps the most common of all.

When you live in a culture that tells you to listen to those outside of your own body to tell you what, when, and how much to eat, and where not doing so will supposedly lead to something REALLY BAD…doing something different must mean eating whatever you want, whenever you want, right?


Intuitive Eating is so much more nuanced than that. While a period during which the restrictive pendulum swings to the opposite extreme of seeming unrestrained eating, this is a normal part of a much bigger process that eventually allows you to become attuned to what you really like to eat, when you like to eat, how much you like to eat, and overall HOW you like to eat. YOU are at the center of this process.


Love and Happy Thanksgiving,