Intuitive Eating Myth #7: It’s strictly conceptual.

Are you familiar with the Descartes quote, “I think, therefore, I am?” Although this was part of an inquiry about whether or not the “self” exists, I always think it highlights how identified we are with our minds, our thoughts, and our cognitive processes.

For this reason, it’s not surprising that some people assume Intuitive Eating is strictly conceptual. “Sure,” they say, “listen to your body to eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full.” This statement is usually followed by “but…”

What many don’t understand is that Intuitive Eating, though it does contain concepts that blow people’s minds on the daily, is an embodied, experiential practice. It is not something you can learn in a cognitive sense and then practice it. It is something that you do, and notice, and reflect, and do again. For the rest of your life.