Ultimately, this is about being yourself

Intuitive Eating and mindfulness have a lot in common: trusting in your own body, self, and judgment; living your life according to internal (rather than external) drivers; being in the moment and constantly referencing yourself and your environment to take the next right step.

Ultimately, both Intuitive Eating and mindfulness are about being yourself – who you really are.

We have no context for what is happening in our world right now. A lot of us feel sort of rudderless, confused, unsure of how to feel, what to believe, what to do moving forward. This can cause us to doubt ourselves.

When it comes to food, eating, and body, this disorientation can be very uncomfortable. Perhaps ancient feelings are rearing their heads. Perhaps you’re doubting the very real progress you’ve made in this arena. Maybe you’re tempted to clamp down on rigid external drivers to help you feel in control or to go in the opposite direction and numb out with chaotic eating.

Whatever you are feeling is totally normal, fine, and OK (because what is happening is decidedly NOT normal, NOT fine, and NOT OK). Intuitive Eating and mindfulness are here (and will continue to be here) to support you in figuring out what you are feeling and what you need moment to moment.

Even if you don’t feel like yourself right now (I know I don’t!), please continue to come back to your Intuitive Eating and mindfulness path to connect with what is going on inside, make space for it, and take care of your precious self.