The path is long, patience is a must

We are deep in it.

80+ days deep into our experience of a global pandemic. Deep into the most recent uptick in our collective awareness of systemic racism – not only police brutality, but also thought and action-policing of black outrage and disproportionate COVID sickness and fatalities.

All the while working with ourselves, our relationships with food and eating and weight and our relationship to what is happening in the world.

When I first wrote this post, my perspective was focused on our work with body and eating. That our long-standing programming should provide us with the perspective to cultivate deep and continuous patience for ourselves. This remains true – it takes work and time and practice to change neural pathways.

But I realize now that patience is essential to working with programming of all kinds. If you are committed to the Intuitive Eating and mindfulness path, you are likely committed to truth and justice in a sense that is ever-expanding.

As you continue on this path and all paths to the truth, please have patience with yourself and others. This will allow the process to be as messy and imperfect as it needs to be. This is not a neat process. It – Intuitive Eating and also social justice work – NEEDS to be messy. We need to make and own our mistakes, be willing to stand in the embarrassment and confusion so that they might lead to transformation.

Patience – allowing things to unfold at their own pace while still gently pushing our edge – is essential for waking up to reality in every sense.

With love, compassion, and great respect,