Any time you don’t know, come back to the body

Trying to do these weekly again but I realized that another reason I took a break for a few weeks was because coming back to “business as usual” was not an option given the current social and political climate.


I feel the deep connection between my work in Intuitive Eating and the above. That helping people clear away all the diet bullshizzle allows space for everything that matters: discovering what you love, waking up to reality, doing what’s right, being very, very honest with yourself. And so in that spirit of interconnectedness, we resume our regularly scheduled programming.

One thing I hear again and again in the early stages of Intuitive Eating: there is so much uncertainty!!! There’s no “program” to follow, nothing to count, nothing off limits. This can lead to a freakout, a learning opportunity, or my very favorite: BOTH!

As long as you are eating regularly throughout the day (or your waking hours), eating some protein/carb/fat at most meals and snacks, and getting the basics of adequate sleep, water, stress management, rest, and support, there is one simple rule to follow whenever you don’t know (what to eat, do, think, feel):

Come back to the body. It has the answers.

I liken this to meditation practice, in which we come back to the feeling of the breath again and again and again. In Intuitive Eating practice, the present-moment body serves as the “home base” we keep coming back to.

Next time you don’t know, go ahead and freak out for a minute. When you’re done, recall that obstacles are teachers and there’s probably something to learn from this. When you reach that point and come back to your present-moment body, you can begin to ask questions like “what am I feeling?” and “what do I need?”

Simple but not easy. Try it for a week. And let me know.