There’s no going backward in Intuitive Eating

I’ll be short and sweet this week:

The way I see it, there is no such thing as backward movement on the Intuitive Eating path.

We are only moving forward – noticing, collecting data, connecting dots, learning, and practicing. When we experience difficulty or even roadblocks, we do not regress. We join those obstacles with our path. We absorb them into our experience so that they become the very ground beneath our feet, providing us the substance to work with to continue moving forward.

If those obstacles cause us to react in habitual ways, perhaps enacting dieting thoughts and behaviors, that is what we bring to our Intuitive Eating path. We see ourselves reacting in ways we thought would help us cope and acknowledge the reality of that cycle.

If those obstacles cause us to take a break from Intuitive Eating, it will be there when we return.

If those obstacles are recognized for the opportunities they present, we leap forward on the path.

At each and every point on your Intuitive Eating path, how could you begin to recognize all experience as forward progress?