We have more important things to do

I hope you are well and safe and surviving these crazy days.

The news of Justice Ginsburg’s death hit me like a Mack truck. The morning after I found myself restless, despairing, and ultimately wandering around Manhattan hoping for some deus ex machina to save us all. That clearly has not happened.

What I have come to focus on, however, is the need to see clearly. Whatever you believe in, right now it is extremely important to concentrate your attention there and do what you can to bring about a situation that feels just, sane, and (hopefully) compassionate to all beings.

To that end, what you DON’T need to be doing is obsessing over how to change your body, how to find the perfect diet, how to sidestep your pain and even the most basic discomfort. By clearing out the mental real estate occupied by the diet mentality (and all subtle and not-so-subtle forms of self-aggression) you open yourself up to DO SOMETHING about what matters.

We need you. I NEED YOU. Our children need you to turn your attention, energy, and feelings of lovingkindness and compassion to the challenges we are all facing right now. Don’t be bamboozled by diet culture into turning a blind eye to what you’ll ultimately look back on and see as the most important issues of your lifetime.