Don’t let what you think you should do stop you from doing what you could do.

Taking care of ourselves can be a mind game! We have such amazing capacities, but many of the forces around us are confusing, suggesting that we can’t trust our bodies, that we’re never doing enough. Which is why it bears saying (and repeating again and again) that we should not let what we think we should do keep us from what we actually could do.

This goes for meditation – don’t let the belief that you should meditate for 20 minutes every day for the rest of your life keep you from practicing 5 minutes three times a week when your kid goes down for a nap!

This goes for food shopping – don’t let the belief that you have to physically pick out your own perfect produce keep you from letting someone else do the shopping for you (and tipping well if you can!) and have it delivered.

This goes for cooking – don’t let the belief that you have to cook gourmet meals every night keep you from cooking one or two simple recipes a week and putting together the rest of your meals with more convenient combine-and-eat ingredients.

This also goes for an Intuitive Eating practice – don’t let the belief that you need to do this perfectly (which is impossible and, even if it were possible, would not be very helpful to the learning process) keep you from practicing imperfectly with whatever arises on your path!

We are all doing the best that we can. With some grace, self-compassion, and a nice big REALITY CHECK, we can continue to practice realistic self-care.