On the Intuitive Eating path, there is no moving backward

Just a quick reminder that wherever you are on your Intuitive Eating path – whether you’re feeling good about it, whether you’re questioning it, whether you think you’ve screwed it up somehow (not possible, by the way), whether you’ve lost connection with it altogether – there is no moving backward.

Because Intuitive Eating is a life path, there is only forward. Everything that arises on the path – the good, the bad, and everything in between – becomes part of the path. The same could be said for life: everything we encounter becomes part of our story.

The secret sauce seems to be how we regard and work with whatever arises. For example, as we move through challenging experiences, we can recognize them, acknowledge how difficult it feels to struggle, offer ourselves compassion, continue to meet our bodies need for care and feeding, and keep going.

And if one of those negative experiences alienates you from Intuitive Eating for weeks, months, years, please know that you can always come back and infuse the ways in which you relate to food and body with the self-compassion and clear seeing wisdom inherent in Intuitive Eating.

As always, please be gentle with your tender heart.