What if we never get there?

A friend of a friend, Michael Carroll, has said of meditation that “we aren’t trying to get anywhere. We’re trying to be somewhere.”

The same could be said of Intuitive Eating. When we begin, we truly have no idea where it will take us. We might have expectations, wishes, images of what it will look and feel like to be an Intuitive Eater. We hope to move toward peace with food, a joyful movement practice, a deeper level of understanding of ourselves, our minds, bodies, and hearts.

But in reality the journey is quite different from any imagined destination. We can only move toward what we want from Intuitive Eating by being exactly where we are. Again and again and again. The path of Intuitive Eating is made up of millions of moments in which we are willing to show up, to be here with ourselves, right here and right now, basing our thoughts and actions on what we notice in the moment.

In fact, there is no real destination, no place to get to. Imagine all the hopes and expectations you have for this practice and then say to yourself “What if I never get there?” How would you approach the care and feeding of you if there was only right now?