Celebrate your progress, early and often

In my sessions with clients, we often begin with what’s going well. What is feeling like self-care? What is coming more naturally? What is feeling good about your Intuitive Eating path?

This is not about putting on the rose-colored glasses. This is taking real stock of real progress in all of its forms, from the biggest shifts to the tiniest noticings.

It is only when we recognize progress that we make progress.

Many of us bring our self-as-problem-to-be-solved mindset into Intuitive Eating and, even when we figure out a piece of the puzzle, we move quickly onto the next. By celebrating, you acknowledge the fruition of your efforts and intentions. You recognize and savor what has changed, what has evolved, what has started to feel differently.

And celebrating your progress gives rise to more progress – if only because it sharpens awareness, hones self-compassion, reinforces the practice of paying attention.

Try it for yourself:
– Begin your day with noticing something that is going well in your Intuitive Eating practice, even if it’s simply that you continue to show up
– End your day with some form of inventory of what you were able to do throughout the day in support of your Intuitive Eating practice, even if it’s only reflecting on it this moment
– Every time you identify some challenge or obstacle on your IE path, identify something that is going well too

What are you celebrating (I’m right there with you!)?