However you are feeling, add the words “I feel” and “right now”

How are you doing? What’s feeling good? What’s feeling not-so-good? This is a time of transition for many of us, school’s out, summer is officially here – and it’s a real summer this time…-ish. COVID-related changes are shifting yet again.

This can bring up feelings. Strong ones and lots of them. As someone who has suffered with anxiety and depression, the tendency to get stuck in emotions is a risk. Rather than allowing emotions and states to be the constantly shifting mysterious experiences they are, I (and maybe you) get attached and forget that they are temporary.

A few words have helped to both acknowledge and anchor me in my present-moment experience AND remind myself that it will most certainly change: they are the words “this feels” and “right now.”

I feel (instead of “I am”) so anxious…right now.
I feel like (instead of “I am”) the worst mom…right now.
I feel like I will never get through this…right now.

What is happening right now for you? What does the addition of “I feel” and “right now” do to that experience?