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B O O K T R A I L E R:


A U D I O B O O K:

Hi there!

I’m so happy to share that the “Eat to Love” audiobook is available now and that it was narrated by…ME!

Here’s a sample for you:

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T H E S I X P A R A M I T A S:

W I S D O M:

Here’s the last of our six paramita videos – the paramita of wisdom.

Wisdom is where it all comes together. Where you integrate your Eat to Love path with your every thought, word, and action. That doesn’t mean always “getting it right” or never having a negative thought about or experience on your path.

It does mean trusting yourself, your body, your judgment, and the path in general. To navigate each moment with attention, intention, and compassion.

You got this!

M E D I T A T I O N:

The fifth in our series of six paramitas – the paramita of meditation.

This is the one! This is the beginning, middle, and end of our path – a meditation practice that provides the foundation for everything we do on our Eat to Love path and in life in general.

E X E R T I O N:

Here is our fourth installment in the series of six – the paramita of exertion.

Without the drama of diets, how do we maintain a sense of connection and motivation and even excitement about our path? The paramita of exertion creates a framework within which we can keep our Eat to Love path fresh and front of mind.

P A T I E N C E:

Here is the third installment in our series of six paramitas – the paramita of patience.

Patience is exactly what you would expect: letting things happen in their own time. This is not a passive experience, however, and requires great attention, compassion, and a willingness to work with whatever obstacles arise. Our obstacles, in fact, form the true path to Eat to Love.

D I S C I P L I N E:

Here is the second video in our series of six – the paramita of discipline. It’s not what you think.

I know that the diet mentality is all about a militant form of discipline where there are rigid rules and punishment for not following them. But discipline in the Buddhist sense is about coming back to the present moment again and again. And it’s about discerning both what is happening in real time and what is truly needed. It is a gentle form of discipline that is concerned simply with the true nature of reality.

G E N E R O S I T Y:

Generosity is often thought of as giving to others – and the six paramitas in general are a framework for working with others. But here I suggest we view ourselves as a “beloved other” in order to overcome barriers to being kind and generous to ourselves. We do this at first by connecting to the pre-thought, pre-judgment purity of the senses and have a willingness to give our human bodies what they need. Once we do this, we can explore generosity more expansively.


E N D O R S E M E N T S:

Eat to Love emphasizes the vital spiritual foundation of all aspects of our life—and especially our relationship to food, eating, and our bodies. Jenna introduces many practical exercises—based upon fundamental Buddhist teachings that are universally applicable—as a way to rediscover the wisdom of the body and the simple joy of eating. I highly recommend this book to anyone with distress around food and eating and to all professionals who work in this field.” — Jan Chozen Bays, MD, author of Mindful Eating
“This is not your traditional nutrition book. It is political, scientific, and spiritual. It is all encompassing – mind, body, and soul. Eat to Love teaches you to create space through meditation and find your daily practice of nourishing yourself inside-out.” — Laura Cipullo, RD, CDE, CEDRD, RYT; founder of L’ifestyle Lounge and immediate past president of IAEDP NY
Eat To Love is a roadmap to finding our way home to our body and developing a more peaceful, loving, and compassionate relationship with food, our body, and our selves. Jenna Hollenstein combines her extensive nutrition expertise as a registered dietitian with Buddhist principles to help readers resolve their eating issues through a spiritual lens. She manages to make it easily digestible for readers who are new to Buddhist philosophy while also stimulating more experienced practitioners. I can’t recommend this book highly enough!” — Alexis Conason, PsyD, clinical psychologist, and founder of the Anti-Diet Plan
“If you want to develop a deeper understanding around your food and body challenges, read Eat to Love. But if you want to revolutionize the way you relate to food and body image, then I invite you to pour over the pages of Jenna’s book. With profound insight, expertise, and tangible tools, Jenna provides the most complete guide to help you find greater peace with food and body. I cannot recommend this book more highly.” — Marci Evans, MS, CEDRD-S, LDN, CPT
Eat to Love is a book to help you get bigger: a bigger heart, a bigger
 understanding of why you eat, and a bigger sense of gratitude for your
 body. Too often, during the act of dieting these senses are lost, and
 for individuals who are experts at dieting, this necessary awareness
 may have been forgotten. Eat to Love offers a complete program to discover a new way to relate to food, which requires more than knowl
edge; it requires a spiritual and compassionate approach to self-care.” — Megrette Fletcher, MED, RDN, CDE; co-founder of The Center for Mindful Eating and co-author of Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat with Diabetes
“I love Eat to Love. It gently guides readers into a peaceful relation
ship with food, body, and self through understanding, attitudes, and practices that speak to the human spirit. With this book, you can 
shed beliefs that create real problems for health and happiness, and
 reawaken your innate ability to take care of yourself. Self-care never 
felt so good.” — Marsha Hudnall, MS, RDN, CD; president and co-owner, Green Mountain at Fox Run; past president, The Center for Mindful Eating
“In Eat to Love, Hollenstein masterfully guides her readers away from the traps and empty promises of diet culture to the spiritual gifts of happiness and inner peace cultivated through meditation practice. Writing from both her personal life experiences as a ‘magical eater’ and her expertise in nutrition and meditation, Hollenstein empowers us all to shift our allegiance from diets to our inner wisdom, and she compassionately shows how in doing so we become more connected with and appreciative of our bodies. Eat to Love is a true gift to the world, and I am grateful to own such a valuable resource to recommend to others.” — Jennifer Kreatsoulas, PhD; author of Body Mindful Yoga: Create a Powerful and Affirming Relationship with Your Body


“In a sea of diet insanity, Eat to Love is a safe island paradise. In this deeply thoughtful book Jenna Hollenstein teaches an accessible but transformative practice for changing your relationship to your body, your eating, and yourself. As a feminist life coach, I work with women on their body image all the time, and I’m thrilled to now be able to integrate the effective mindfulness-based practices that Jenna teaches in these pages. Whether you have an established meditation practice, are new to the whole idea, or just want to find something to help you cut through the noise in your mind around food and eating, this book has what you need.” — Kara Loewentheil, JD, master coach; host of the UnF*ck Your Brain podcast and creator of UnF*ck Your Brain: A feminist blueprint to creating confidence
“Jenna Hollenstein has written a beautiful, thought-provoking book about acceptance—acceptance of our bodies, of all that we are, virtues and flaws, and of our spiritual path. She teaches us to trust our internal wisdom, let go of ‘magical eating,’ with its companion belief that our bodies need to change, and helps us find our way there through a practice of patience and compassion. This valuable book is a must-read for all health practitioners.” — Elyse Resch, MS, RDN, CEDRD, FAND; co-author of Intuitive Eating and The Intuitive Eating Workbook; author of the forthcoming The Intuitive Eating Workbook for Teens
“A truly delightful application of Buddhist wisdom and self-care to how we view our body image and our relationship with food. Jenna has a refreshing writing style that calls out the myths behind the diet culture that we live in and challenges the cultural norms that keep us oppressed and disempowered. A great book that guides you to tap into the empowered warrior woman in all of us.” — Melainie Rogers, MS, RDN, CDN, CEDRD-S; founder and CEO of BALANCE eating disorder treatment centerTM
“You can’t practice body kindness without first connecting to your body. Mindfulness and meditation have been transformational in cultivating my gentle, compassionate caregiver voice. Eat to Love offers a deep exploration of some of my most beloved meditations uniquely delivered in the context of eating. If you would like to heal your mind, body, and food connection, this book is your next must-read.” — Rebecca Scritchfield, RDN, EP-C; author of Body Kindness
“In Eat to Love, Jenna uses Buddhist teachings and principles to help guide us toward a less stressful, more satisfying experience with food. Her use of case studies and reflective questions invite the reader to examine the disconnection between the physical body and the spiritual self. This is important work for people who have spent years (even decades) in pursuit of thinness, but now crave a peaceful relationship with food and their bodies. Whatever you do, don’t rush through this book. Eat to Love is something to be savored.” — Melissa Toler, writer and Body Justice advocate
Eat to Love is a must-read for anyone who struggles with emotional eating, food obsession, and body shame while craving peace with food, self-care, and self-love. Meditation teacher and leading authority in Intuitive Eating, Jenna Hollenstein transfers the Buddhist and scientifically supported principles of mindfulness and self-compassion into an easy to understand and follow guide that promotes readers’ journeys on their Eat to Love path. Readers emerge with a rediscovery of joy inherent in eating and being in their bodies, which ultimately enhances the lives they lead.” Tracy L. Tylka, PhD, FAED; professor of psychology, The Ohio State University; editor-in-chief, Body Image: An International Journal of Research