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Mommysattva is an ode to the path of enlightenment that is motherhood.

Individuals who dedicate their lives to being of benefit to others are known as bodhisattvas.

They vow to work with their own minds to develop wisdom and compassion but delay their own enlightenment out of the knowledge of our interconnectedness with all living beings.

Whether or not she intends to, and regardless of whether or not she’s Buddhist, a woman who becomes a mother takes the vow to be of benefit to others. She becomes a Mommysattva: a warrior of compassion, wisdom, and lovingkindness.




H I G H L I G H T S:

  • Connecting with presence and compassion even in the midst of our (and our kids’) most difficult moments.
  • Supporting our children to become exactly who they are.
  • Developing a sense of reverence for the mother’s body, this incredible instrument that makes everything we do possible.

In 2020 and beyond, mothers were made to discover the depth–and preciousness and messiness and pain–of their capacity to love. In the Buddhist view, one who undertakes this journey is called a bodhisattva: those willing to have their hearts broken over and over by the poignancy and impossibility of loving so much while also wondering, “Where am I in all this? Surely my heart matters, too.”

Like all bodhisattvas, the Mommysattva journey suggests that self-love is the foundation for loving others–while continuing to stretch beyond your comfort zone and cycling between falling apart and getting yourself back together, falling apart and getting yourself back together, all of which is invisible…to everyone but other moms.

In this new book, writer, meditation teacher, nutrition therapist, and mom Jenna Hollenstein shares her own experiences of motherhood, viewed through the lens of powerful Buddhist teachings. It is not a guide to motherhood. Rather it’s an exploration of how everything we do as mothers is an opportunity to embrace the power, love, chaos, and possibility of this life. The book covers many of the felt experiences of those who mother – from the oft-painful metamorphosis of becoming a mother, to the practice of motherhood as a path to awakening, to mothers’ innately activist role in bringing about positive change.


E N D O R S E M E N T S:

Mommysattva is a wise, funny, and refreshingly real guide to what happens when the ideals of mindfulness practice meet the chaos of everyday motherhood. Jenna Hollenstein writes from the heart of the parenting hurricane, offering ways to stay present, kind, and attuned to the mystery–even as the winds blow.Anne Cushman, author of The Mama Sutra: A Story of Love, Loss, and the Path of Motherhood





A deeply informed and compassionate application of Buddhist principles to ease the path of mothering. Honest, intelligent, and supremely helpful. —Karen Maezen Miller, author of Momma Zen: Walking the Crooked Path of Motherhood





This book is not just for mamas who meditate. It’s for any and every mother awakening to the reality that status quo motherhood is a setup for disempowerment, overwhelm, and a perpetual sense that, no matter how much we do, it will never be enough. Jenna offers perspective and tools that counter the oppressive systems, norms, and narratives that keep us from our full potential as some of the most powerful changemakers walking the planet. I especially love the way she illuminates the core reasons it’s so hard for moms to stick with a meditation practice. So many books about motherhood offer shallow, insufficient solutions to complex issues. Mommysattva is not one of them. Jenna goes deep, and speaks to the challenges of modern motherhood with the respect and reverence mothers deserve. Beth Berry author of Motherwhelmed and founder of Revolution from Home
A B O U T   T H E   A U T H O R:
Jenna Hollenstein, MS, RDN, CDN, is nutrition therapist, meditation teacher, and mom to her son Domenico. She is the author of three books including Eat to Love: A Mindful Guide to Transforming Your Relationship with Food, Body, and Life. Jenna has been featured in Forbes, Wall Street Journal, U.S. News & World Report, Health, Lion’s Roar, Mindful, Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Women’s World, and Fox News.